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Mergers & Acquisitions and Regulatory Counsel

Our gun business lawyers serve as lead counsel or regulatory counsel (working with your corporate counsel) on all types of transactions involving firearms industry members, including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.   

Our expertise as FFL attorneys and ATF license attorneys makes us invaluable in identifying and designing the right transaction and timeline of events, so that the business sees little or no business interruption or “downtime” during the course of the transaction.   

Our expertise as ATF compliance attorneys means we have the skills to advise the parties on the proper scope of due diligence and how to complete it quickly and cost-effectively.   

We serve as lead or regulatory counsel in drafting transaction documents, and ensuring that they address issues specific to members of the firearms industry.  There are a number of issues that are unique to transactions involving firearms companies with which highly-skilled M&A attorneys are simply not familiar.  We never step on toes; we add value with a firearms subspecialty and work in conjunction with your other or primary corporate counsel.  

Our gun business lawyers also provide formal legal opinions that may be required as part of a transaction.  We will step in, review the transaction, review the information necessary to render a sound and valuable formal opinion, and will do it expeditiously.  

Our firm prices legal services competitively and is flexible with fee arrangements.  We work with clients to identify the cost of the services they need (tailoring that cost to the relative complexity of services) and identify the best fee arrangement for the client.