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ATF Advocacy

We advocate with ATF on behalf of our clients.  ATF advocacy arises in two general situations.  The first situation is where a client is proactively attempting to identify its compliance obligations.  The second situation is where a client is subject to adverse ATF action.     

In the adverse action context, we assist with compliance audits, warning conferences, and revocation proceedings.  We also negotiate ATF Compliance Plans and FFL Surrender Plans (the latter allowing a client to wind-up its gun business in an orderly fashion).  

In the proactive compliance context, we assist clients with determination letters (seeking a written opinion from ATF regarding the application of regulations), requests for variances, and licensing.  Our ATF license lawyers and FFL lawyers are experts at obtaining FFLs where an applicant has to overcome a number of major hurdles.  In fact, we have a 100% success rate.   Our firm prices legal services competitively and are flexible with fee arrangements. 

Our firm prices legal services competitively and is flexible with fee arrangements.  We work with clients to identify the cost of the services they need (tailoring that cost to the relative complexity of services) and identify the best fee arrangement for the client.