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General Counsel

Our gun business lawyers serve as the single point of contact for members of the Firearms Industry, and handle the following day-to-day matters:  

Contracts – We review, draft, and negotiate contracts for all types of commercial transactions, including customer and vendor agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures.  

Business Formation -  We organize and form simple (single layer) and complex (multi-layer) limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, and other business organizations.  Our ATF license lawyers and FFL lawyers handle ATF licensing, advising clients on obtaining the best type(s) and number of licenses for their business.  

Business Re-Organization – We evaluate a company’s current structure and determine whether a re-organization will better facilitate its growth strategy and ensure longevity.  A re-organization may require new ATF licenses and our ATF license lawyers and FFL lawyers handle that, advising clients on obtaining the best type(s) and number of licenses for their business and doing so without business interruption or “downtime”.  

Operating and Governance -  We draft internal governance documents, including operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements, by-laws, rules and regulations, and standard operating procedures.  

Owner’s Manuals, Warranties, and Website Terms – We prepare paper and online manuals, warranties, disclaimers, terms of use, privacy policies, and safety rules.  

Employment Agreements – We draft and negotiate executive compensation and management agreements, and restrictive covenants (“non-compete” and “non-solicitation”).  

Our firm prices legal services competitively and is flexible with fee arrangements.  We work with clients to identify the cost of the services they need (tailoring that cost to the relative complexity of services) and identify the best fee arrangement for the client.